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learn how to generate sales and leads for your online business From tiktok

If you have an online business, TikTok is where you need to be advertising.

We spend millions each year on advertising and right now, TikTok ads bring in our highest ROI out of all other platforms.
  • The return I get on TikTok is what other platforms used to be. This course teaches everything you need to do.
— Jillian D


What is TikTok Ads Mastery?

For over 14 years, I have been running ads to online stores using a variety of different platforms to advertise. These include Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing and more. 

About 2 years ago, we started using TikTok ads for our brands and clients and results are better than any platform out today. I'm talking about 2-3X better than the rest of them on average.

We have tested (over 1M in adspend) this on ecommerce, leads, SAAS and TikTok is the clear winner... by a landslide!

We took everything we have learned from spending over $500,000 and put it into this course. You will get EXACT step-by-step training on starting your own successful TikTok ads campaign. Literally, you will learn every single step on how we create profitable ads on TikTok. I am confident in saying this is the ONLY TikTok ads course you will need.
  • TikTok is giving a much higher ROI than any other platform right now (and we spend millions every year in ad spend).
  • ​You don't need millions of followers.
  • ​You don't even need to be an active user.
  • ​You can target a huge variety of audiences. 
  • ​You don't need a fancy camera, equipment or software. In fact, I discourage it.

TikTok Is Not Just Full Of Kids

This is a huge misconception people have (including myself at one point). The audience is vast and growing faster than any other platform.

Learn from someone who has actually Spent Millions Of Dollars in Ad spend

Most of those fancy cars and awards you see from 'gurus' are from TEACHING and not DOING. (read that again)

We practice what we teach. We're not just teaching something we found online and hope you do well with it. We are teaching you the exact strategies that have helped us generate millions of dollars for our own brands.

By implementing these TikTok ad strategies, we have been able to increase our conversion rates 10X, increase our average order value 5X ultimately compete with our competitors with products (even Amazon).

We ONLY teach what we actively do on our own and clients sites and what we know works first-hand, nothing more and nothing less.

What's Included In TikTok Ads Mastery?

You get LIFETIME access to an extensive step-by-step guide that includes cheat sheets, templates, tons of videos and much more. This includes all future updates which is usually several every month. Each module below includes a ton of learning material including videos, walk-throughs, guides, cheatsheets, etc. The below list is just a small sample of what's included. 

It is updated several times a month too! Since it is updated and new strategies are constantly added, the material may slightly change.

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join Today!

MODULE 1: Initial Setup & Organic Strategies

How to properly setup up your account including the back end of business manger. This also covers strategies on getting organic views.
Value $497

MODULE 2: Ads Manager And Account Setup

Inside this module, we dive into setting up the more complex backend includes ads, catalog, tracking and more.
Value $997

MODULE 3: Ad Creatives

This is where we go over the steps of creating your TikTok videos and ad creatives. This section is beginner friendly and doesn't require any expensive equipment or software.
Value $697

MODULE 4: Targeting Strategies

We teach you how to target your exact ideal audience. 
Value $1997

MODULE 5: Optimizing and Scaling

This module focuses on multiple strategies on optimizing and scaling your winning campagins
Value $997

MODULE 6: Advanced Strategies

In progress... coming soon
Value $1997

Bonus Modules:

We are always updating and adding new content to the course, but only after we have proven it be successful on our own sites. You get access to all future updates.

Total Value: $13,677

Get Instant Access Today

Proven Systems, Guidelines And Support To Boost Your Business

  • How To Get Your First 1,000,000 Views
  • ​Methods of increasing your TikTok followers 
  • ​Multiple different strategies that convert
  • ​TikTok Business Manager setup
  • ​Remarketing
  • ​Scaling
  • ​And Much more

You will literally learn the exact steps and systems we use to bring in millions of dollars in sales from TikTok ads.


I'm Dan Edmund

Hi, let me tell you a little bit about my story and why I am offering this to you.

I have been doing all aspects of internet marketing since 2008. I have developed multiple 6, 7 and even 8-figure online businesses over the years. 

This wouldn't have been possible without online marketing. I started with mainly Google Ads, SEO and social media. We started advertising with Facebook shortly after they started allowing businesses to advertise. 

Back then, advertising costs were a fraction of what they are they today. We used to be able to get $7 in revenue for every $1 we spent pretty easily.

As social media companies grew, technology continued changing, and the competition all bidding against you, the advertising costs continued going higher year after year. 

It's become very challenging and obviously very stressful. I'd honestly reminisce about how much we used to make with a fraction of the effort.

But then we discovered TikTok Advertising and everything changed.

TikTok advertising is how advertising on other platforms USED to be

I'm referring to the return we get on investment.

As I mentioned earlier, advertising platforms used to be a lot cheaper to advertise on resulting in MUCH bigger ROI.

All those times that I kept saying, "I wish Facebook was like how it used to be with the low advertising costs."

Well, TikTok is just that. 

It is giving us a higher ROI than ANY other platform we currently use, hands down. It is what other platforms used to be. This includes ecom stores AND leads.

And if you've been advertising online for a while, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Nobody knows if it will go higher as TikTok continues to grow. I'm sure most people assume it will so NOW is the time to start.

I have cracked the code with TikTok advertising and I'm excited to show you how to do the same with your business!

Since the beginning of 2022, TikTok has consistently given us the best return.

I'm exited to teach you how to do the same.

To Your success,


But don't just take my word for it

Here's What Others Have Said About Their Experience With The TikTok Ads Mastery Program...

  • Before joining this program, I had been trying to get my sales to increase going for over a year but all I was doing was wasting a lot of time and money just trying to get sales. My advertising was costing me more than I was selling my products for and I was going broke fast. After learning brand new strategies, It kicked everything into overdrive and I had to hire 3 people just to handle it."
— Justin H.
  • I've tried 3 other so called 'TikTok trainings'. Most other programs out there just teach you the basics, but this one teaches you how to create campaigns at sells! And it does, trust me! lol"
— Jillian D.

  • Where do I start? What I got out of this program was Dan is the true internet marketing and he taught me things that I don't think anybody else knows about. if you want a chance at succeeding with your site, you need Dan!"
— Raol T.


TikTok Mastery Program

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join Today!

  • Complete step-by-step TikTok Setup
  • ​How to create winning videos and creatives
  • ​Targeting strategies
  • ​Viral Strategies
  • Budget optimization
  • ​Scaling strategies 
  • Lifetime access to all future modules (usually several times per month)
  • ​Much, Much More!

Total Value: $13,677

Pre-purchase price only. This will be complete and delivered in about 4 weeks.

For ONLY $497

Single one-time payment! No recurring fees or hidden charges. This course is still being built and the price will increase once it's complete.

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